100 Suhner 1914 - 2014

SUHNER Turbo Trim

With Turbo Trim the Suhner company provides you a complete unit for cutting and trimming of meat, poultry and fish. Several sizes of trimmers allow Turbo Trim to be engaged in different process steps of meat cutting. Our trimmers base on the principle of a rotating round knive. Our hardened quality blades made of stainless steel are free of any adjustment and are very durable. The manufacturing efficiency rises through the engagement of Turbo Trim, operating expenses can be saved. This counts for a small butcher as well as for large processing companies. As we do have over 75 years of experience in production of flexible shafts, casings and motors we could optimize the drive system of our tools. Our trimmers can be run with electric current as well as with air power. Turbo Trim is also compatible with flexible shafts and motor units of other manufacturers.

We present products for various applications.
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